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Financial Report

Aircraft Management

Owning and operating an aircraft can be a drain on both time and resources. Optima Jets takes on all of the hard work so you can enjoy your aircraft and offset the cost of ownership.
Our highly skilled team will ensure your aircraft remains retained in perfect condition and we cover all maintenance costs to keep your jet flying. Even more importantly, we make sure your aircraft works for you. Providing your aircraft for charter and management means that when you are not using your aircraft, it’s generating revenue.

Reduce Spend Grow Charter Revenue Increase transparency


In a world of every increasing costs its vital that the partner you choose to manage your flying assets gets the job done right.


Using cutting-edge AI machine learning technology delivers efficiency and savings, our actionable data delivers transparency and predictability, our expertise delivers know-how and understanding. Our mission is to bring value to all private aviation stakeholders to make our industry more agile and more efficient, reducing its entry barriers and therefore participating in its growth.

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Demonstrating Our Effectiveness 

We want you to be able to see how good we really are. Giving all our owners access to our dedicated owner portal will allow you to see actual costs based on past and present. Being able to see how we are managing your asset how we procure Fuel, FBO Handling, even down to Catering we want our customers to see your aircraft is being managed right.

Our Platform is full of data. This data allows us a third pair of eyes to enable s to see duplicated entries and incorrect bills from our suppliers. Ensuring you only ever pay for what's been used.

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The Fleet.

We have an exceptional fleet of aircraft. Some of our aircraft are managed fleet others from operators we have built relationships with over the last 20 years. We are exceptional at finding the right aircraft for the right job. Using our network we will locate the best aircraft for the best price negating any empty sector and reducing positioning flights to obtain the most competitive pricing for you. Unlike Jet Card users we try to eliminate empty sectors positioning flights for our customers. Some examples of our managed fleet bellow please contact us if you have a specific aircraft requirement. 

Praetor 600


The Praetor 600 redefines the conventional boundaries of expectation around a super-midsize business jet, offering an exceptional flight experience with transcontinental range and incredible speed. Its best-in-class elements save journey time and ensure you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed due to its specialised cabin pressure system.

Phenom 300 


The Phenom 300 is a new generation super-light jet, perfectly suited for short to mid-haul travel, whether for business or leisure. With a comfortable cabin seating up to 8 passengers, along with an external baggage hold, fully reclining seats and enclosed bathroom, the Phenom 300 offers a great balance of style, practicality and value.

Global 5000


The latest addition to the fleet, the Bombardier Global 5000 is an ultra-long range private jet that provides the ultimate travel experience for non-stop flights of up to 10 hours duration, whilst having excellent short take-off and landing performance. This aircraft has a brand-new redesigned bespoke cabin, in addition to high speed KA-band wireless internet.

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