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About Us

We recognise the trust you place in us, so when we arrange a flight for you, your family, or colleagues, you can be certain that your safety is paramount. Our in-depth safety checks mean that all aircraft and crew are subject to standards that are above and beyond the industry requirements. We ensure your flight is as safe as it possibly can be, and as a company, we’re committed to making ongoing financial and operational commitments to safety.

At Optima Jets we operate in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner when dealing with both our customers and suppliers alike, always striving to deliver best practice initiatives and constantly looking to improve wherever we can, for your benefit. We aim to build long term relationships with both customers and suppliers, and our core driver is building trust by delivering exceptional service every single time you fly with us. Leaving nothing to chance, we check, recheck and check again that everything is on track. Our passengers are secure in the knowledge that we will pre-empt issues or potential problems, and do our utmost to go above and beyond your needs.

Private Jet Luxury Interior
Optimus Private Jet on Runway

The Fleet

We have an exceptional fleet of aircraft. Some of our aircraft are managed fleet others from operators we have built relationships with over the last 20 years. Its about finding the right aircraft for the right job. Using our network will will locate the best aircraft for the best price negating any empty sector pricing that would increase your price.  Unlike Jet Card users we try to eliminate empty sectors positioning flights for our customers. Some examples of our managed fleet bellow please contact us if you have a specific aircraft requirement. 

Praetor 600 Optimus Jets

Praetor 600

The Praetor 600 redefines the conventional boundaries of expectation around a super-midsize business jet, offering an exceptional flight experience with transcontinental range and incredible speed. Its best-in-class elements save journey time and ensure you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and relaxed due to its specialised cabin pressure system.

Phenom300 Optimus Jets

The Phenom 300 is a new generation super-light jet, perfectly suited for short to mid-haul travel, whether for business or leisure. With a comfortable cabin seating up to 8 passengers, along with an external baggage hold, fully reclining seats and enclosed bathroom, the Phenom 300 offers a great balance of style, practicality and value.

Phenom 300 

Global 5000

Global 7500 Optimus Jets

The latest addition to the fleet, the Bombardier Global 5000 is an ultra-long range private jet that provides the ultimate travel experience for non-stop flights of up to 10 hours duration, whilst having excellent short take-off and landing performance. This aircraft has a brand-new redesigned bespoke cabin, in addition to high speed KA-band wireless internet.


1000s of Destinations. 

Getting you as close to your destination is what we do. With that in mind some airports may lack suitable runway lengths fire cover even entry visa points. That's the detail we take care of. You simply need to tell us where and when you need to travel and our team of specialists take care of the rest. We will make all the arrangements and you will receive a full departure manifest. 

Our Professional Crew


All our crew have been handpicked. All our crew have a minimum hour criteria stipulated by our insurance providers and our owners. They have all been servicing our clients for many years and understand the importance of safety reliance. Our crew are checked regularly to ensure logbooks certification ratings are all current and conform to the highest standards and CAA regulations. Our crew are there for your comfort but have your up most safety in mind. Decisions of safety during your flight are paramount and will always remain in the hands of the PIC Pilot in Command.

Private Jet Cockpit
Optimus Jets Crew

Captain Rebecca 

Total Flight Hours 4800

Aircraft Type Conversions x4

Full ATPL Licence 

Optimus Jets Crew

Captain Ian

Total Flight Hours 6670

Aircraft Type Conversions x6


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